Monday, November 15, 2010

Behavior Problems & LD

VISITOR: My son has been in some trouble at school and we haven't even had his first IEP yet.

You want to insist on a BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan) or a FBP (Functional Behavior Plan) to address his behavior and help him to self-correct by responding to reward opportunities.

Here is more information: 2010 Implementation Guidance on Behavior Support for Schools from the Michigan Department of Education. See pages 35, 36+ for information on a Functional  Behavioral Assessment (FBA) and a BSP Behavior Support Plan for him. You will want to scan the whole document, which is written as an instruction manual for schools on responses to student behavior issues. Make sure they do an assessment and make a good plan, based on the recommendations in this document. You may want to print and bring it to the meeting and have the pages marked for easy access to show them. Don't assume that schools know their own business. There is much to learn, even for school administrators. Everybody's flying by the seat of their pants, as things change faster than information can be disseminated and implemented. 


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