Thursday, May 5, 2011

Need Handwriting Help

VISITORI am writing to ask your assistance in locating some help for my 19 year old son who has ADHD and great difficulty with handwriting.  He is now ready to consider getting some additional assistance with this issue as it is impacting his college work.

If you could please share with me any programs, therapists or tutors that are in the Brighton or Ann Arbor area, we would greatly appreciate it.

The Michigan Dyslexia Institute in Howell offers Orton-GIllingham therapy that also remediates handwriting difficulties. The University of Michigan also offers these services. (Laws concerning dysgraphia.)

Look for an Orton-Gillingham practitioner in your area. If your insurance covers Occupational Therapy, an OT can diagnose and treat / remediate handwriting disability. He will need a dysgraphia diagnosis (AKA specific learning disability in writing) to get a scribe or computer for written/essay exams and lecture notes, and written assignments.

He may never be able to take notes efficiently, so he should be using ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY to replace handwriting. He should learn to type accurately and quickly (if possible). He can have a digital pen that records the audio & video of lectures/events. The professors should also provide him copies of their lectures (transcripts) in digital form. He can use voice to speech conversion software. He will need special tools to do math.  (A list of AT tools & tutorials about them.)

Check out these helpful tools:(most are free or very inexpensive):

Any $350. new laptop will contain all of the power he needs for college and the AT programs he needs to use(I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite C655 at Staples for $350 with 4 GB RAM & 300 GB hard drive, +dual processors, Windows7, DVD burner, 16" monitor, full-size keyboard with numeric pad, etc. I love it and I am a professional/power user.) 

Do keep in touch. If you'd like an LD evaluation through and would like an assistive tech evaluation, the two would be $650. If you need case management or advocacy services, fees are $60/hr.

Here are links to dysgraphia information on the website:

 Dysgraphia Dec 4, 2010 12:31 PM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

To view a white paper on dysgraphia (penmanship disability) by Renee M. Newman, click on the file attached to the bottom of this web page (Edu563.pdf). Sets of books ...
Learning Disabilities‎ > ‎Dysgraphia

 Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Dysgraphia Dyslexia OWL LD NASP upload.ppt Jan 11, 2011 7:41 PM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

3768k — on page Documentation
Diagnosis: Law‎ > ‎Documentation‎ > ‎Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Dysgraphia Dyslexia OWL LD NASP upload.ppt

 Evaluating Math Special Ed Programs Dec 6, 2010 12:07 AM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

... or 576 and "five seven six."    33    Class A-1-a-III-a    Numerical Dysgraphia   12.Inability to write numbers because of inefficient motor skills or insufficient coordination of visual ...
Dyscalculia‎ > ‎Remediation‎ > ‎Evaluating Math Special Ed Programs

 Generic_Parent_Report.odt Nov 16, 2010 12:39 PM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

319k — on page Parent Report
Diagnosis: Law‎ > ‎Guidance: 1-21‎ > ‎Parent Report‎ > ‎Generic_Parent_Report.odt

 Parent Report Dec 31, 2010 3:51 PM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

... Cerebellar-Vestibular Dysfunction(1)(b) ADHD (1)(2)(c) Sensory-Motor Integration Disorder AKADysgraphia: handwriting and drawing immature (1).(d) Ocular symptoms: blurring, double vision, headaches, fatigue, photophobia,perseveration ...
Diagnosis: Law‎ > ‎Guidance: 1-21‎ > ‎Parent Report

 Learning Disabilities Feb 9, 2011 11:02 PM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

... Dyscalculia, Numerical Impairment, Gerstman's Syndrome, math anxiety. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)  Dysgraphia (penmanship / handwriting disability)Dyslexia: AKA word blindness, developmental delay, reading disorder, specific learning disability in ...

 Edu563.pdf Dec 2, 2010 8:47 PM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

153k — on page Dysgraphia
Learning Disabilities‎ > ‎Dysgraphia‎ > ‎Edu563.pdf

 Experts Feb 11, 2011 10:30 AM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

... Math TeacherMLD Diagnosis LawDyscalculia SymptomsSample MLD ReportSample MLD Parent ReportDysgraphia: Causes & Treatment Dyscalculia.orgUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMichigan State UniversityPBS | MACULEduTopia | TechLearning ...

 Calc. Defects Dec 7, 2010 9:09 AM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

... LM, Reis IL, Grafman J. Metabolic abnormalities detected by 1H-MRS in dyscalculia anddysgraphiaNeurology 199953639–41.Abstract/FREE Full Text↵ Rickard TC, Romero SG, Basso G ...
Research‎ > ‎Calc. Defects

 Texas MLD Law Dec 10, 2010 9:03 AM  by Renee Hamilton-Newman

... or related to dyslexia, such as developmental auditory imperception, dysphasia, specific developmental dyslexia, developmental dysgraphia, and developmental spelling disability.        SECTION 7.  Section 42.152(c-1), Education Code, is amended ...
Diagnosis: Law‎ > ‎Texas MLD Law

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mismanaged Education=Lost Time

VISITOR:Our younger son was diagnosed with Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. It took the 2 years to get testing done after we told the school district of the problem -  that is what our case is about now. The case lays out the time line through the end of September, when we filed. there have been things that have happened since then so I am sending you that too. They found him not eligible for Spec ED in December after we filed, despite the results of their own IEE tester, a Neuropsychologist. 
The Judge even makes a mention in his motion on the stay put provision that our son had been found by several professionals to have an IDEA-qualifying disability.  Then they redid his 504 accommodations, such as they were (copy enclosed).  The best part of the new 504 plan - they agreed that he had dyscalculia and then referred him to the county library system for their online math "tutoring" program - basically homework assistance, in lieu of math education at school.

 We have fought the district over this issue for over 7 years. We started with our older son when he was diagnosed with dyslexia, slow processing, difficulty with sequencing ( verbal IQ 147 , processing things in sequential order 75) and an audio deficiency that made it difficult for him to focus on a single conversation in a noisy room - his mind jumps from one sound or conversation to the next and the next, so he hears part of everything but he also misses key information when, for example, the teacher is lecturing.  He was diagnosed in 5th grade but nothing was done until end of 8th grade.  Even then we had to go through mediation to get the accommodations recommended by the IEE (a Neuropsychologist  contracted by the District).  They provided some of the accommodations they agreed to for 1 year.  In that year, his GPA went from .98 (end of 8th grade) to 3.67 for 9th grade.

The next year they took the accommodations away because he had good grades so he didn't qualify for special Ed. We actually received an e-mail to that effect from the Director of Spec. Ed.  He failed his first semester of 10th grade, so then they claimed it was because he was socially and emotionally disturbed and wanted to test him for a social/emotional disorder based on their claim that the neuropsychologist had told them so in a meeting that year. We later found out that what had really happened was they had contacted the Doctor about taking his accommodations away because he obviously didn't need them, due to his good grades. She informed them that if they took the accommodations away they would cause him emotional harm. We finally took him out of the school because they administration started to harass him with teachers telling him that we just wanted to give him a "free ride" and that there was nothing wrong with him. One teacher, in front of the entire class, asked a student sitting next to our son "What's the definition of moron? Answer: a kid with an IEP."

He passed the test for Running Start (a program that lets high school students take college courses during 11th and 12th grade for both high school and college credit) but he is now 19 and hasn't graduated from HS or finished his AA.  He refuses to even discuss asking for accommodations in his college classes, because he feels like he'll be singled out again and lose what he has by asking.

If there's anything you can recommend or point us in the right direction so we can get this resolved and get our younger son the help he needs - help that we can't give him - I would really appreciate it.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Your school system is totally operating in disregard of federal law: both IDEA and No Child Left Behind. He should have an IEP and a Transition Plan, as well as an Assistive Technology Evaluation and subsequent plan. If he has not finished high school, there should be a plan to do so. If they have illegally exited him from high school, contact your state rehabilitation office for assistance with high-school completion and a plan for vocational training. See GUIDANCE FOR THOSE 17 and OVER. For your younger son, follow this GUIDANCE FOR KIDS AGE 1 to AGE 21.

Thesis on dyscalculia- why not well known?

VISITOR:  I am currently undertaking a research study for my Masters Degree in Education and am trying very hard to think of a suitable topic for my thesis study. I have a keen interest in supporting learners with numeracy problems within my field of science, as science and mathematics are often considered to be closely linked. Having been a child myself who was identified as gifted at sciences, yet provoked a 'cause for concern' within maths and numerical applications I feel that this is an area which is very close to my heart and I would like to conduct this study with a view to raising awareness of dyscalculia. I also would like to investigate the reasons why dyslexia specifically relating to literacy is recognized and effectively supported, yet those with an inherent difficulty in understanding mathematical problems are largely unrecognized.
I am writing to you in the hope that you might be able to provided me with some literature which could provide me with some data relating to students with dyscalulia, in terms of estimations as to how many cases are identified each year, what schools do to support these learners, how they can be identified etc. Many thanks.

DYSCALCULIA.ORGThe best book to read is this one: Why is Math so Hard for some children? Here are the latest research articles/reports on dyscalculia: Reports.
Here is a list of dyscalculia researchers and experts, with links to their sites and articles: Dyscalculia Experts.  Here is a master's thesis on dyscalculia: The Dyscalculia Syndrome (1998). Feel free to be in touch through the process. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hurdle: 4 years of high school math

VISITOR: I cried when I read the Letter to My Math Teacher. Thank you for taking my call today. It was a relief to talk to someone knowledgeable about dyscalculia. The school says they never heard of it. My son has all of the symptoms. He doesn't want to look any different than the other kids, but he can't keep up. He tries heroically but can't remember from one day to the next. How is he going to get through 4 years of high school math when he can't sequence or factor or multiply consistently? Help!

DYSCALCULIA.ORGHere are some key resources:

This is a lot, but feel free to email as you go.

California College Student Needs Help

VISITORI came across your site and I was in tears……..I have Dyscalculia and have struggled with it since age 6. I live in California and I would like info regarding math course waivers as well as being tested & diagnosed with Dyscalculia. Can you provide me info on both of these issues?

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Yes. Information on course waivers: Info on being tested for dyscalculia: David Mills is an expert tutor in California:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

College Student with Dyslexia & Dyscalculia

VISITORHi.  I encountered your website while searching on Google. To make a long story short, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia when I was about 5/6 years old. My mom noticed that I was not understanding basic math  concepts and not able to read or even right my name. My mom brought it to the attention of the school who at first refused to test me because of the cost but with help of a very influential community leader my mom along with the help of my aunt succeeded.
On occasion, I was removed from the class to get help with my reading and writing development. Then, when I started the 3rd grade my teachers didn't know what to do with me when I wasn't understanding subtraction and multiplication. Their solutions to the problem was for the aide to take me to the library and work on geography or silly little assignments that had nothing to do with what I was not understanding. Many times during the IEP meetings my mom was told that I would never go beyond 3rd grade level math. This continued on until the 5th grade. It wasn't until 6th grade that I had a special class period "resource" where I would receive individual attention with help with home assignments.
During these three years, the school thought it would be beneficial for me to not take a science like all the other students and to switch my regular math class for a special Ed math. To say the least,  I don't believe the teacher was qualified to be a special ed math teacher.
My story isn't complete..... I am 22 years old and continue to struggle with basic arithmetic. I feel very ashamed and embarrassed.  The school recognized my disability as dyslexia. I don't know why the schools never tested so i could have the title of also having dyscalculia. I feel that my college refuses to recognize me as a person with a real disability because I physically look like everyone else. It is now time for me to take action! I am reaching out for help! Are you aware of any legal rights or people that I could turn to in my state if California?

DYSCALCULIA.ORG:  I am sorry to hear that the California school system mishandled your education. I will assure you that we will work with you to find a solution to your problems. 

To start, you should look at the general guidance for young adults:

Where are you attending college? Please send me the name and email of your dean or advisor and also please send the same info for the director of special student services. I will send them information about your disabilities and request appropriate accommodations for you. What I will ask for is similar to the information found here:

I think you will find some relief in reading what researchers think causes dyscalculia.

We will try to match you with a local expert, if you share your location. 

Also, you are going to need assistive technology to succeed in college. We need to bring this to the attention of your instructors. Here are some ideas: There are regional AT lending libraries that may be able to help you obtain the AT but your school loans and school funding can also be used to purchase the tools you need to succeed. I recommend that you get the electronic versions of your text books. 

If you tell me more about the courses you are taking and their format, I can more adequately find the resources for you. As always, we want to use the most simple, inexpensive, and easily available tools to make the curriculum accessible to you and to provide opportunities for you to successfully interact with, practice and apply new information, and ultimately demonstrate mastery of it. Hang in there. Help is on the way.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adult needing financial and diagnostic assistance.

VISITOR: I was home-schooled, but my family didn't know how to deal with my learning disability. I was officially diagnosed with something (they never told me what because they didn't believe in labels) 11 years ago. I apparently failed all my math and science classes for high school and though I have community college credit that I was able to transfer to a university, I have dropped out of college four times now because of my disability. I cannot get help without new documentation and last year I was homeless because no GED= no job. 

I did well in piano and though I can read music I cannot deal with time signatures beyond your basic 3/4 and 4/4 timing. As far as math concepts I understand on a regular basis: addition, subtraction, multiplication up to 10x10, simple division, simple cooking fractions. Decimals and anything higher than that alludes me. 

The evaluation cost on this site is my entire month's paycheck. I don't know where to get evaluated; my husband is disabled and I have no job and thus no insurance. It is also highly suspected that I may have Asperger's syndrome, shown mostly in social areas. 

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You may qualify for state assistance from the regional rehabilitation office. Adults can get help through the State Rehabilitation Services Office (find my state's VRS office).
To start, do the following: Begin a formal journal/binder to track documents, process & progress. Journal details of every action, conversation, & relevant experience and put a copy of all documents and emails into the binder.

Fill out and print 3 copies of the LD Checklist

Adults should compose a letter addressed to the State Rehabilitation Coordinator for your zip code requesting that you be tested for disabilities in the areas indicated on your checklist. (You must apply to the agency for help and meet eligibility tests.)

If you have health insurance that covers outpatient psychological services, you can seek a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation for learning disabilities. If not possible, seek an evaluation for learning disabilities by a licensed clinical psychologist. Be sure to give the doctor a copy of your checklist. 

Once you have a diagnosis and recommendations, take your documentation to your employer, advisor, college dean and director of special student services to arrange for appropriate accommodations and assistive technology.

Read about Law concerning College Students with DisabilitiesSelf-Advocacy in College; and a Supreme Court Judge with Dyslexia.   ADVICE FOR COLLEGES: BEST PRACTICES FOR MATH LD STUDENTS

For more information, consult the primer on Special Education Law & Process.

I don't want to avoid math, but I can't retain it!

VISITOR: Yes please. I'm in college. They've allowed me to put off taking math classes for now, but only until next year or the summer. Due to my inability to successfully pass a math class. I have not taken a math class since my first semester of my senior year in high school (I'd tell you how long it's been, except that naturally, I'd take me a while to figure out and I'd rather not if your don't mind. I'm a 2nd semester freshman in college now if that helps), so what little math I was retaining has gone completely. An advisor here suggested I use my ADHD accommodations to get me out of math permanently, but I don't want to do that. Not knowing math would cripple my future options and hinder any career I wanted to pursue. Are there any workbooks or programs I can use to learn math before I need to take a class?

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Yes! Look at all of these resources: 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Been avoiding math! How can I face it?

VISITOR: I really want to go back to college but for years i've stayed away in  fear of anything having to do with numbers.  I know I will have to deal with trying to learn math; Is there anything that can help me get through this?

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You will want to see our list of the best tools out there for learning math when you have dyscalculia.

Can't pass pre-algebra in college

VISITOR: I am a 50 year old woman who has struggled in math all through grade and high school. I am now in college and wanted to get into the RN program. I do well in my other classes but am failing pre-algebra. I go to the math lab for tutoring every free period I have. Then when I take a test I can't remember anything. I need help. Thank You.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Please see this article about making math accessible for college students with dyscalculia.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thanks for this site!

VISITOR: I have suffered with this my whole life. I was ridiculed my entire childhood by parents and teachers. I was even punished  multiple times by my P.E teacher for not being able to add my bowling scores! I could read at a college level in 6th grade and was an A+ student in Science but I couldnt do 5th grade math. I had to quit band because I couldnt grasp reading music. Wow this website has changed my life. I looked it because of a work issue. My boss keeps trying to train me on an accounting program which I cant figure out no matter how she tried to teach it. I showed her this site and I think she understands now what's wrong. Thank You so much!!

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You are welcome!

College Grad with Dyscalculia & Spelling Difficulty

VISITOR: I'm not sure where to begin when asking for help.  
I have struggled my whole life with math and spelling and just do not understand it.  I am raising a family and experiencing my struggles all over again as I try to help my 11 year old daughter with her math and spelling challenges.  One method that helps my daughter to learn math is the Touch Math method.  As for spelling, her teacher just encourages my daughter to keep reviewing.  She has Sensory Processing Disorder, so tapping and touching objects helps her to process math and spelling that seems to float on her page.  I guess I am just hoping that someday the light bulb will come on in my mind to say "Yes that's how you are supposed to complete the math problem!"  I would also like to be able to spell words correctly the first time and not always rely on spell check or the dictionary.  When working on math, I always try my best to complete a math problem.  However, that is just what it becomes, a problem that I do not seem to remember the basic steps in order to complete.  I have been evaluated by a disabilities organization in my state. Their findings were that I have a math disability. They believe that I should continue the coping methods I have been using all my life since it has allowed me to complete a BFA Degree.  The only down side is I basically failed all my math and science courses in college.  

My challenge obtaining my BFA was to hide the fact that to this day I still do not understand how to use a ruler to measure.  Somehow I can create wonderful art pieces.  I hope this may help you understand my struggles.  I also hope that you may be able to guide me in the right direction to better understanding math.
DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like you have dyslexia and dyscalculia. For dyslexia, I recommend the Orton-Gillingham method. If this is not successful, try the Davis Method. You may also want to explore Dr. Harold Levinson's treatment. As for spelling, here is a nice one-pager explaining why spelling is difficult for all but those with a very good visual memory for printed words. For math, I recommend our Best Math Tools. Here are some books about Math Dyslexia. Here are great tools for Dyscalculia Remediation. Feel free to contact us again.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Senior has not passed math class since 6th grade

VISITORMy daughter is a senior in high school who has not passed a math class since the 6th grade. We have verbally requested a learning disability request several times and are now sending in a written request.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Amazing that this has never made it onto a teacher or administrator's radar. Follow this guidance for children 17 and older.
Publish Post

Dyscalculia Diagnosis @ Univ. of Washington, Seattle

VISITOR: Yes, where can I get tested? I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to math and I feel like crying everytime I do higher math because I keep making stupid mistakes! Sometimes I stare at numbers for the longest time trying to figure out my mistake but I cannot see it. 3's look like 8's to me a lot of the times! Please help. I am in Seattle, WA and I attend University of Washington.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Here are some resources for you at the University of Washington: (1) Accommodations for LD Students in Math & Science; (2) Using Computers & MathML to reach students with Math LD; (3) How UW Instructors should accommodate LD students; Univ. Washington DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking & Technology) to address disabilities in education; (4) Rights & Responsibilities.    WHERE TO GET TESTED: Contact Professor Virginia W. Berninger in Educational Psychology at the U of Washington, Seattle: 322 Miller Hall, Box 353600, Seattle, WA. Email:  Here is a presentation by Prof. Berninger: Differential Diagnosis & Treatment for ....and Dyscalculia.

Education Corner

VISITORJust wanted to recommend as a resource for the links/resource section of your website. Thought this would be a good resource for your website visitors.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Thank you! It is a handy resource.

Can't pass college algebra, degree out of reach.

VISITORI think I have a math related learning disability. I seem to be able to learn math skills, but then I can be confident about my knowledge and ability, and suddenly the information is just gone.

I have other issues sometimes with names and faces, but the biggest problem that I have been unable to cope with is having to re-learn math over and over, and then keep failing my college classes. I seem to be okay up until I start getting into fractions, and percentages. After that, my mileage may vary.

I keep trying to explain to people that this isn't just "text anxiety" or anything like that. It doesn't usually happen during tests. It happens when I think I've learned a math skill, and am perfectly confident in my ability to do the problem. The information is just gone. I didn't have any anxiety about it. I was convinced that I knew what I was doing.

I just barely scraped by my Math 20 class, attempted math 60 twice, and failed both times. (pre algebra and algebra 1 respectively) which led to me losing my financial aid for college. I'm at a loss of what to do, as I'm wanting to get my art degree, but that requires me to pass a college level algebra class, which I'd been trying to work up to with the other math classes.

I don't know how to get tested, have no money to get tested, my GPA is in shambles, and I have no idea where to turn to, or if there's anything I can do to ever even get a degree. I've tried tutors, that's how I managed to pass math 20, but that didn't seem to help for math classes higher than that.

So, I don't really know what I can do, but I need help. Without a college degree, it doesn't look like I can get anywhere.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Start with our guidance for adults with math learning disability. Also see our resources on College and Math Learning Disability.

Transposing Numbers

VISITOR: My boss asked me today if I was dyslexic which I promptly said no, but then she asked why I seem to transpose written numbers a lot which I'm aware that I do with writing, not so much with typing. I did a search on the internet and found out about Dyscalculia. Other than basic addition I've always had a problems with math, but was always an above average reader with excellent spelling and writing capabilities, so the thought of having some sort of learning disability like dyslexia never entered the picture until today.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You may have dyscalculia. Here's a checklist of symptoms.

The GRE Test and Dyscalculia

VISITORTrying to figure out if it is common to transpose numbers. It take me 3-4 times to do simple addition or subtraciton on a calculator just to ensure that I am right. It is very frustrating, and I am worried it may affect my ability to go back to school for my Master's Degree, specifically if I need to take a GRE test with heavy math.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: If you have dyscalculia, you may transpose numbers without being aware of it. You may transpose numbers when reading, recording, verbalizing, recalling, or processing. For instance, you may enter you ATM pin backwards, say 6347 instead of 4763, especially when under pressure to recall it (like at the checkout), or you may totally be unable to recall it. At an ATM machine, this will likely result in your card being sucked in, and then you have to get it later. This especially seems to happen with common sets of numbers like your locker combination, PINs, and passwords. You may have to keep a handy reference card but don't make it easy for a thief to figure out what code belongs to what thing.  GRE & Test Takers with Disabilities: Official Information & Contacts. Also see: Accommodations allowed. New LD Documentation News. How to register for the GED if you have a disability.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Math LD and dyslexia! Help!

VISITOR: All of the above apply to my ten year old granddaughter. After years of school failure I am home schooling her.  She was diagnosed to be dyslexic at age 6.  We use the Calvert program with Verticy for Orton Gillingham phonics/spelling materials.  The math, however is completely unattainable.  After three months of home schooling I am convinced there has to be more to her inability to grasp and retain simple math concepts. She can't process simple addition or subtraction, never mind mastering multiplication tables.  We live in FL. Can you help us?  I am running out of patience which is destructive. HELP!

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You need a plan. (1) Follow the guidance for children under 17. (2) Create an accommodation plan. (3) Create an assistive technology plan. (4) Create a plan for remediation. MORE RESOURCES: Books & Tools. How to make math accessible to dyscalculics. Math dyslexia.

GRE with MLD, College & Dyscalculia?

VISITOR: The math sections of standardized tests such as the GRE and the Praxis is a source of anxiety. I'm afraid of doing so poorly on these that they will negatively affect my applications to graduate school or an educator's license. Are letters from appropriate experts explaining dyscalculia and attestation to me having his learning disorder recognized by universities and boards of education (who grant teaching licenses)? If so, what "expert" do I need to see to make this official?

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Yes dyscalculia is a recognized learning disability. For help with standardized testing and college issues, see COLLEGE & MATH LD. Notice other links on the side. Here is a sample letter to the college director of disabled student services.

Any hope for college with dyscalculia?

VISITOR: I really want to go back to college but for years i've stayed away in  fear of anything having to do with numbers.  I know I will have to deal with trying to learn math; Is there anything that can help me get through this?