Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Education Corner

VISITORJust wanted to recommend www.educationcorner.com/study-skills.html as a resource for the links/resource section of your website. Thought this would be a good resource for your website visitors.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Thank you! It is a handy resource.


  1. Thank you, but study skills are not a problem for me. I have no problems with any classes except Algebra. I can't make sense of it. It's a puzzle that my brain can't decipher. Not everyone shares the same talents. Being able to understand Algebra is a talent. It's something you "see" or you don't. Long after our time, researchers will figure out that all brains are not the same. I know a lot of really smart people that think algebra is easy, but who can't paint a portrait or write the rhythm in their head onto paper or write a book, or dance a choreographed dance. We are different and that's the way it was meant to be. I'm so tired of people saying they failed or flunked. We aren't failures - our talents simply lay in a different area and the Boards of Education and the colleges aren't enlightened enough to understand this yet. Through history people have done different things for a living, because their interests and talents all lie in different areas. I do not want to build ships, or buildings or cut open someone's brain or be a chef, a diver, a mountain climber, a fisherman, etc. My career is perfect for me. I love what I do, but I could get paid a LOT more if I had a degree. It wouldn't change my job duties at all - I'd still be doing the exact same thing I do now, I'd just get paid more. Algebra doesn't fit into my chosen career and in 35 years, I've never needed to use it once. It's a shame that colleges insist on trying to force feed Algebra to everyone to the point of ruining peoples lives and wrecking their dreams. Why algebra? Why don't we stipulate that in order for anyone to get their degree, they must complete a triple lutz? Oh sure, a lot of people are going to complete it; but a lot more will never, ever accomplish it. Do you think it would be fair to withhold their degree, ruin their careers because they can't accomplish a set standard that doesn't make sense? To require them to do something that they not only can't do, but that serves no purpose in their chosen profession? I would rather give the $1800 to a homeless shelter than to throw it away and I'd rather have no degree than to get it the way so many people do by having someone else take it for them online. You know what will happen if the College Board/Board of Education reads this? They will not fix what's broken about requiring people to take algebra that they don't need; they will crack down on online algebra testers. I imagine the real bottom line is that taking classes over and over is a big money maker for colleges. They don't want to lose that revenue. What would make sense is to have people take the math that fits their chosen career. I love math - it's fun and easy; all except algebra, which remains a mystery.

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