Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adult needing financial and diagnostic assistance.

VISITOR: I was home-schooled, but my family didn't know how to deal with my learning disability. I was officially diagnosed with something (they never told me what because they didn't believe in labels) 11 years ago. I apparently failed all my math and science classes for high school and though I have community college credit that I was able to transfer to a university, I have dropped out of college four times now because of my disability. I cannot get help without new documentation and last year I was homeless because no GED= no job. 

I did well in piano and though I can read music I cannot deal with time signatures beyond your basic 3/4 and 4/4 timing. As far as math concepts I understand on a regular basis: addition, subtraction, multiplication up to 10x10, simple division, simple cooking fractions. Decimals and anything higher than that alludes me. 

The evaluation cost on this site is my entire month's paycheck. I don't know where to get evaluated; my husband is disabled and I have no job and thus no insurance. It is also highly suspected that I may have Asperger's syndrome, shown mostly in social areas. 

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You may qualify for state assistance from the regional rehabilitation office. Adults can get help through the State Rehabilitation Services Office (find my state's VRS office).
To start, do the following: Begin a formal journal/binder to track documents, process & progress. Journal details of every action, conversation, & relevant experience and put a copy of all documents and emails into the binder.

Fill out and print 3 copies of the LD Checklist

Adults should compose a letter addressed to the State Rehabilitation Coordinator for your zip code requesting that you be tested for disabilities in the areas indicated on your checklist. (You must apply to the agency for help and meet eligibility tests.)

If you have health insurance that covers outpatient psychological services, you can seek a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation for learning disabilities. If not possible, seek an evaluation for learning disabilities by a licensed clinical psychologist. Be sure to give the doctor a copy of your checklist. 

Once you have a diagnosis and recommendations, take your documentation to your employer, advisor, college dean and director of special student services to arrange for appropriate accommodations and assistive technology.

Read about Law concerning College Students with DisabilitiesSelf-Advocacy in College; and a Supreme Court Judge with Dyslexia.   ADVICE FOR COLLEGES: BEST PRACTICES FOR MATH LD STUDENTS

For more information, consult the primer on Special Education Law & Process.


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