Sunday, January 9, 2011

Math LD and dyslexia! Help!

VISITOR: All of the above apply to my ten year old granddaughter. After years of school failure I am home schooling her.  She was diagnosed to be dyslexic at age 6.  We use the Calvert program with Verticy for Orton Gillingham phonics/spelling materials.  The math, however is completely unattainable.  After three months of home schooling I am convinced there has to be more to her inability to grasp and retain simple math concepts. She can't process simple addition or subtraction, never mind mastering multiplication tables.  We live in FL. Can you help us?  I am running out of patience which is destructive. HELP!

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: You need a plan. (1) Follow the guidance for children under 17. (2) Create an accommodation plan. (3) Create an assistive technology plan. (4) Create a plan for remediation. MORE RESOURCES: Books & Tools. How to make math accessible to dyscalculics. Math dyslexia.


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