Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Dyscalculia Syndrome

I just read your 1998 thesis on dyscalculia.  It has just about blown me away!!   I am 68 years old, and reading your compilation of dyscalculia symptoms was like reading the story of my life.   You have explained things that have haunted me for my entire life.   I was able to give a 10/10+ rating (personal 1-10 scoring) to more than half of the symptoms.   I was diagnosed with ADD at age 57 and thought that was the ground-breaker for my life's frustrations, but something was missing.   You filled in the blanks.  I also feel I have a very mild touch of dyslexia.
I retired 3 years ago from my poisition as a flight attendant: and, as No. 4 in your List of Symptoms expains, I failed to appreciate the "big financial picture" of living on a fixed income.   What actually prompted my retirement was comprehending complex new scheduling procedures and regulations that were implemented in recent years.  My retirement also coincided with the economic collapse.  Out of financial necessity, I am attempting to reinvent myself in a part-time job.   It has become embarassing when well-meaning friends suggest this job, and that job, and I can't explain why I know their job suggestions would not work for me.  I search daily for a position I will feel comfortable in, one in which I feel I could excell.   I think about how many young people out there are experiencing these same frustrations.
Aside from saying THANK YOU, what has prompted this communication is that I want to learn everything I possibly can about dyscalculia in adults.   I found books on, however, they all seem to be written about dyscalculia in children.  I have 14 books on ADD.
I would appreciate any direction you could provide me whether it be links, centers that may specialize in the disorder and/or your own personal recommendations.   Again, many thanks for your fine work and for taking the time to read this rather lengthy email.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Please explore the website. On the first page, you will find many books about dyscalculia. You may also want to explore careers in writing.


  1. You may be interested in this ~
    Now we have a chance to give dyscalculia the attention it deserves! Following research at University of London, app developer Thinkout has produced an app called Number Bonds by Thinkout. It's founded on the belief that learning must use the child's curiosity and passion for play to get their attention. The game has no disruptive elements during the learning phase, adapts the speed to the learner's performance, and gives positive reinforcements. And so the learning curve is optimized.

    Here's your chance to get more attention for dyscalulia: has a competition to pick the reader's favourite special needs app ( Number Bonds by Thinkout is one out of five nominated apps, and the only one about dyscalculia and number understanding. Your vote is needed to make it to the top! Voting is allowed once a day, and is open until March 21st - so please help us bring dyscalculia into the spotlight!

  2. wow!!! im in total understanding of the previous writer, im a little bit younger ,mid 40's and deffinitly have struggled w/ same issues!! have just been recently told about disscalculan by a math tutor, she told me i need to be tested speciffically for that.
    I was tested by texas work force back in 1995 and told my reading and writing was college level but math was 2nd grade level {at the age of 30} im now 45 and trying to receive more education, to put myself in a better finacial situation. pretty much ditto what previous poster said!!
    my tutor has spent approx 4hrs, w/ me so far and is teaching to use scientific calculator and in that brief time has me undertstanging basic trig and some algebra. i still have trouble w/ basic math concepts, still dont know multiplication tables. but there is hope!!
    thanks to forums like these!!
    Brett Radabaugh

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