Monday, April 29, 2013


VISITOR: Hello I am a clinical psychologist from Turkey working mostly with learning disabled children. I want to reach to some resources about learning time concept for LD children I have a teenage girl patient who can read the time but still does not have any sense of time herself. 5 years ago and 50 years ago is same for her although she knows that 50 is a larger number then 5.
Are there any remedial worksheets or online programs that I can use?
Thank you very much in advance.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Here are some excellent APPLE apps for mastering the concept of time. Six categories: Time Visualizers, Talking Clocks, Time Zones, Timers, Time Management, Telling Time. One must access the APP STORE from their device to download the apps. Search for the app by name.

Activity Timer by Stuart Roberts: Custom picture of upcoming activity appears when time on clock elapses. Set unlimited activities. Visualizes time until an event.


Kid's Alarm Clock – Talking Clock by Kids Place: (Apple app): Cute face clock speaks time, shows digital time, 24 or 12 hour, custom sounds, displays, shows month and day.

Hour Prompter by iHOOPS (Apple app): notifies you on the hour, or at intervals & events you set.

Family Clock by Gp Imports (Apple app): face clock with your custom picture for each hour, set audio notification of hour & events, on/off ticking sound.

Bed Buzz Talking Alarm Clock HD by Comantis (Apple app):


National Geographic's Understanding Time Zones:

Podium Timer HD by eNATAL: (Apple app) Simple digital countdown timer.

Discourse Talktime Manager by Wesoft (Apple app): See time left on pie chart, with yellow, red areas signaling end of alloted time.

Buddy's Timer – Buddy's ABA Apps by Digital PlayWare (Apple app): Displays time elapsed on simple face clock, 1 to 60 minutes.

Picture Prompt Timer by MDR (Apple app): Shows custom pictures for activities, now and then, with time-until bar between them. Your sounds and pictures.


ASD Tools by Chestnut Apps (Apple app): Visually show children tasks to do that they check off. Simple, uncluttered. With ordered steps, visual timer, visual rewards. Talking prompts. Designed for autistic children.

Action Timer by Craig LLC (Apple app): Custom pictures for tasks (now, then, next), time elapsed shown on face clock.


Telling Time Deluxe by Christian Larsen Music (Apple app): Colorful games to teach telling time on face clock, hours, minutes, days, weeks, and months.

Time – It's Easy by Vinta Games (Apple app): Game to set time on face clock mixing digital, analog, verbal and written time expressions. Includes calendar skills: days, weeks, months, seasons.

Sakura Time by Shiny Things (Apple app): Onscreen writing input to practice telling time: 24 and 12 hour formats, digital and analogue, elapsed time, conversions, time of day, compute time.

Tell the Time with Bubbimals by Playerthree (Apple app): Learn and play with colorful face clocks to learn to tell time, practice matching digital to analogue, select appropriate time for activities. Talking clock tracks child's progress.

Didakto Telling Time by Synendo (Apple app): Visually learn to tell time on a face clock with numbers, Roman numerals, and without numbers. Learn digital, analogue, elapsed time, AM/PM, 24/12.

Telling Time – Fun to learn to tell time game by StudyPad (Apple app): Ages 4-9. Game visualizes time on face clocks to teach telling time to hour, minute, quarter, half, AM/PM, elapsed time. Tracks progress.


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