Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dyscalculic 7th Grader Reaches Out

I'm right now in middle school, about to finish 7th grade. My entire life, ever since 1st grade, I've struggled tremendously with math. I used to go to special groups for math, because I was way behind everyone else. Every summer I did math workbooks, so I wouldn't be left behind. It took me forever to learn my multiplication, I still count with my fingers, even for simple addition or subtraction. I write down 3 instead of 13. I always fail math, and I feel so stupid. I never understand the lesson my teacher explains, and I can never do my homework without someone to help me the whole time. My teacher will say to do a problem, and I'll sit there not knowing what to do. She thinks I'm helpless, and don't care. I have such a hard time, and I get terrible grades in math. Please help me, I'm going through a hard time! Thanks so much.  
DYSCALCULIA.ORGI am quite impressed with your note! I will help you. I have time to talk if you want to call: 313-300-1901.

The first step is to accept that you have natural math processing limitations that are caused in the brain and which you cannot control or will to get better.  Learn all you can about your problem. 

The second step, is to challenge yourself to TRY to learn and perform the basic mathematical tasks of life using common tools, like your iPhone, iPAD, laptop, etc. 

The third step is to use tools to get through the math required in elementary, middle, high school and college. Check this out and tell me if you'd be willing to try it. You should be doing all your math classes in a program like ALEKS. Your school can set this up for you, or you can do the curriculum as a homeschooler during your math period at school on the computer and use the teacher for assistance. (This requires school cooperation, use as RTI, or a school evaluation for MLD, and an IEP or a personal curriculum). 

Dyscalculia is a specific learning disability in math. Read this to see what that means for you:

See if you can relate to this letter I wrote to my college math teacher almost 30 years ago:

Share  this email with your parents. They need to follow the guidance here:

You have much to look forward to! Understanding your condition will help you live with it successfully. This is a great time to get help! You can take charge of managing your learning and your future. I will help you get the knowledge and power to do that. 

Feel free to tell me more about your talents and interests. 


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