Wednesday, March 18, 2015

4,075 Dyscalculia Research Reports (academic)

VISITOR: What research is done on dyscalculia in the US and the world?    
DYSCALCULIA.ORG: To see the latest Dyscalculia research from around the world, click this link: (1) GLOBAL DYSCALCULIA RESEARCH REPORT.  (2) VIDEO: Dyscalculia Signs & Research by 


  1. I am a woman in my twenties who went through extensive neuropsychological tests which, among the results, revealed that my skills in mental arithmetic are well below average, enough to have justified special arrangements in school (I also have a number of other symptoms of dyscalculia). The thing is, I was at the time pursuing an undergraduate degree in mathematics, and I'm now working on my graduate degree on the same subject.

    I'd love to participate in research on dyscalculia, considering how little there is available on adults, especially in those involved in STEM fields. I know that if it wasn't for very fortunate and rare circumstances I might have never even gotten through high school due to these types of issues. But mathematics is my passion, even though I can't count 5+3 in my head without partitioning it to 5+2+1 first. Things like logical reasoning can compensate for a lot, and it breaks my heart to know how many great minds the field has lost because of teaching methods that cause a lot of anxiety in many of us who aren't neurotypical - and even some that are!

    I've had to develop a lot of strategies to make up for the part of my mind that I can almost feel running as if it was a computer being pushed to the limits of its memory and processing power as such, acting glitchy, and insight into those strategies might be of use to other people as well. I was trying to look up other dyscalculic people studying mathematical subjects, but most of what comes up is people asking if it is even possible. I also want people to know that going into a very challenging field with this type of learning disability can be done, and it can be very rewarding. Is there any way I could reach out to people working in this area and volunteer as a subject?

    1. Please send email to me directly at We are very interested in HOW you have conquored dyscalculia and would like to feature your story and strategies on our Mentors' section. You have a wealth of insight to share! Thank you for contributing! -Renee

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