Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Dyscalculia Handbook - 7th grade project

VISITOR:  We need help with our 7th grade class project. We are making a dyscalculia handbook. "What are the strengths, challenges, and differences in the people who have Dyscalculia?"



(1) Those with dyscalculia usually spoke early and very well as young children and continue to speak well. 
(2) Those with dyscalculia usually write very well, and like to express their ideas through writing. 
(3) Those with dyscalculia usually learned to read early and to read well. They like to read for pleasure and to learn. 
(4) Those with dyscalculia are usually exceptional students in all subjects except math. 

See the Dyscalculia Checklist for a list of symptoms.

People with dyscalculia make errors that they are NOT even aware of. They may copy numbers wrong. They may read numbers wrong. They may say numbers other than the numbers they intend to say. They may see one number but think about another number.  They occasionally forget what they are doing in the middle of working a math problem.  They occasionally lose track when counting things. They get confused by all of the different directions you have to go in when doing arithmetic.  They have a hard time following physical sequences. They have a hard time remembering sequences, directions, maps, schedules, and times. It may be hard to read an analog (face) clock reliably.  It is hard to keep track of time and they have a poor sense of how much time is required for something and how much time has gone by.  They have a hard time handling money because they lose track when counting, can't do addition and subtraction in their heads, and can't think about numbers when under pressure.  They have visual-spatial difficulties that make certain tasks hard. They may avoid sports that require a lot of coordination and processing of rapidly changing stimuli, like team sports. Sports that don't require so much complex and rapid visual processing would be track, cross country, and swimming. They cannot process visual-spatial information that occurs quickly. When watching sporting events, they may ask frequently, "What just happened?" 
They don't necessarily learn better by touching things because touch is a weaker pathway.  They may have a hard time executing tasks without looking, like plugging something in without looking. They have a hard time visually comparing things and seeing the differences between similar objects. They think more slowly and carefully about visual stimuli. They misremember numbers frequently, whether it is easy addition and multiplication facts, or dates or times, and even birthdays of special people.  They are embarrassed by these mistakes and try to avoid making them in public. Since it is socially acceptable to be smart but bad at math, they may admit, "I'm very smart, but I can't do math. That's okay. I can use a calculator." 

Those with dyscalculia can fool their teachers and friends by developing clever ways to avoid math and calculating. They want a reputation for being smart, and do not want to admit that math makes them feel stupid.  All their lives they have been told to be more careful and to pay attention to detail more and to study and try harder in math.  They believe that they can overcome their math difficulties by trying harder and studying longer, but these usual tactics do not produce the expected results. This makes them frustrated and angry. After awhile, they may become overwhelmed by failure and frustration, and may cry when faced with math tasks. They may avoid math because it makes them feel inadequate and distressed. When they cannot avoid it, they will feel anxious and stressed, which will make them even less able to think mathematically.  They will describe this as: a "mental block," or "drawing a blank," or "blacking out," or "it's like I've never seen this stuff before in my life!"  Teachers may call this "math anxiety," but it is important to know that the "math anxiety," does not come first. Math anxiety is NOT the cause of math difficulties. Math anxiety RESULTS from the brain's inability to process quantitative and visual-spatial information reliably and effectively.  

Those with dyscalculia need tricks and tools for managing dyscalculia. 
See these links: Manage It  | Conquer It  |  Remediation | Accessing Math  |  Appreciating Math  | Best Math Tools


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  12. Individuals with dyscalculia make blunders that they are not even mindful of. They may duplicate numbers wrong. They may peruse numbers wrong. They may state numbers other than the numbers they expect to state. They may see one number however consider another number.

  13. They sporadically lose track when tallying things. They get confounded by the entirety of the various headings you need to go in while doing number juggling. They struggle following actual arrangements.

  14. It is difficult to monitor time and they have a helpless feeling of how long is needed for something and how long has passed by. They struggle dealing with cash since they lose track when tallying, can't do expansion.

  15. They have visual-spatial troubles that make certain undertakings hard. They may evade sports that require a great deal of coordination and handling of quickly evolving improvements, similar to group activities. Sports that don't need so much perplexing and quick visual handling would be track, cross country, and swimming.

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