Sunday, November 2, 2008

12-yr-old Given Single Digit Addition in School

VISITOR:Thanks for your help. I was induced on my due date. I had preeclampsia was in hosp for five days had diabetes she had meconium. She had too tight grasp she could not suckle. Poor sucking reflex, she could only drink once ounce at a time. She walked on all fours till 17 months. She could walk if held by pinky but her brain would not let her comprehend. Dr said it was not a problem. Her speech at four was a vocab of twenty words. She was diagnosed with speech delay at 3.5. They have thought she was PPD but school has said no. Our pediatric nuero said she is scatterred and she has strong visual strength. Last test was a few months ago. The genetic Dr feels she has some Williams SyndromeTendency, even though she does not have the physical stature. She has a good voice but the words are hard to get in sequence. Her brain will chop words, yet she has the tune down pat. She is very good with the computer she logs on by herself, knows her password with numbers. She can search online, add to favorites, find her songs on you tube. She loves music and shows and has an excellent spatial direction. She knows her way around towns, yet she is always late because she cannot judge time and space, yet she will plan her time to watch TV shows and special movies and yet not get the idea of ten mins to bus. Given sums she will give the wrong product, she will get it correct when prompted or given time. She could say two plus two is twenty since twenty and two are the same starting sound. She often peseverates on the same thing and will ask you over and over. Since she does not get it, she becomes over anxious when afraid and has afear of animals. She is tactile defensive and does not like messy foods. They have been giving her single digit addition and subtraction in resouce room math for the past 2 years! What should her IEP goals be? They say she is not capable of doing more and will not challenge her. They are wrong! She is capable of doing more math and has done it at home. She is tired of the "baby math" she gets at school. She is 12 years old. What should I do?

(1) Computer delivered math curriculum that is diagnostic and prescriptive and multimedia, and highly visual with the target of getting her to perform as closely as possible to grade level in mathematics.
(2) Fast4Word program for auditory processing progress and remediation.
(3) Weekly progress reporting (an easy feature of the software that charts content covered and achievement over any interval of time).

2 sites to see:
(1) singapore math

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