Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Elevate is an app that helps with my dyscalculia.

VISITOR:  I am writing to let you know about an app that I am finding revolutionary. It's called Elevate, and it had simple games like "measurement" in which you double 1 1/8, but the great part is you enter it in terms of circles and fractions of a circle. In a another game called "estimate" you do mental addition to approximate the sums of several values like 8.99, 4.19, and 5.60. In this game you scroll along a number line to enter your answer. I find the motor and visual aspects of these games very helpful for the development of number sense and find myself making fewer arithmetic mistakes in math class. I've also used Danica McKeller's math books with a great deal of success. She uses a great deal of metaphor, visualization, and verbal rather than symbolic representation. 
I hope this is helpful for your other clients! 

DYSCALCULIA.ORG: Thank you! These resources are available on The Elevate App can be found on our BEST TOOLS list. Danica's books can be found in our Teens Get Math Bookstore.


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