Friday, September 2, 2016

Computer Programming with Dyscalculia

I am looking for help in overcoming my anxiety and improving my math skills. I am a front end developer skilled in HTML and CSS. I rely on my visual / artistic skills to connect the code to the outcome. As the industry become javascript and functional programming heavy, I need to be able to keep up. I am hitting very familiar walls when I try  to learn the basic programming concepts of these, and other, languages. They rely on abstraction and the ability to remember sequences. 
My math disability symptoms: (b) Mistaken recollection of names. Poor name-face association. Substitute names beginning with same letter., (c) Inconsistent results in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Bad at financial planning and money management. Too slow at mental math to figure totals, change due, tip, tax., (d) When writing, reading and recalling numbers, these mistakes may occur:  number additions, substitutions, transpositions, omissions, and reversals., (e) Inability to grasp and remember math concepts, rules, formulas, sequence (order of operations), and basic math facts (+-x/)., (f) Poor memory (retention & retrieval) of math concepts- may be able to perform math operations one day, but draw a blank the next! May be able to do book work but then fails tests., (i) Difficulty grasping concepts of formal music education. Difficulty sight-reading music, learning fingering to play an instrument., (j) Difficulty with motor sequencing, noticeable in athletic performance, difficulty keeping up with rapidly changing physical directions like in aerobic, dance, and exercise classes. Difficulty with dance step sequences, muscle memory, sports moves., (k) Difficulty remembering how to keep score in games, like bowling, cards, etc. Often loses track of whose turn it is. Limited strategic planning ability for games like chess., (l) Experiences anxiety during math tasks., (m) Uses fingers to count.  Loses track when counting.  Cannot do mental math.  Adds with dots or tally marks., (n) Numbers and math seem  like a foreign language.

DYSCALCULIA.ORGIt is great that you do HTML and CSS. Since it is markup, it seems easier than programming. There are several great JavaScript tools, so use them to help instead of programming from scratch. Search for a JS to do a certain job, copy and paste the code and carefully change the variables inside the code. You are already exercising your sequential memory with HTML and CSS, so you are going to try to extend it.
          Try these for coding:

Here's some helpful information for beating dyscalculia:

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  9. It is not that much difficult to do maths in programming. Subtraction and addition can be easily done but for the reversal, matrices, sequences, factorization and etc you need to apply the logic for that. The sample code given by the Dyscalculia can help you in building mathematical logic.

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