Tuesday, April 12, 2016

An Osteopath Cured Dyscalculia

VISITORThis story was a long long time ago in my past.
I was born with ADHD, as an adult I found a library book called "A Touch of Life" by Robert Fulford, who was an Osteopath who helped many children.  After reading this book I wanted to find an Osteopath. I lived in NYC and in the phone book I found 2 Osteopaths in Manhattan. I chose the Russian Osteopath, Mikhail Volotkin who learned the traditional osteopathy school method of training. Mikhail had a part time private practice and worked at St. Vincents Hospital part time.  When I went into his office I was given a good omen sign, on his wall above his desk was a photo of the D.O. author Robert Fulford.  I received a cranial sacral adjustment and my ADHD symptoms were gone. I felt like a new person.  I also went to my Osteopath for a wrist tendon problem, and a sudden onset of hypoglycemia, which he aligned, adjusted and healed permanently.  I also brought my young daughter to see my Osteoapath. My daughter was born with the math disability, Dyscalculia.  With a cranial sacral adjustment my daughter's Dyscalculia math disability was gone, completely healed. My daughter was born with the cord around her neck. Which I think caused her brain dysfunction. Dr. Fulford says many babies are born out of alignment; that being out of alignment can cause any kind of health issue.

DYSCALCULIA.ORG:  I have not heard of that. I will do some research. Many swear by Osteopaths, and I have had great experiences with D.O.'s who were excellent diagnosticians and healers. It is worth looking into! Thanks for the note! -Renee

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