Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thank you for this amazing site.

VISITOR: Just found your site and it is amazing.  My daughter and I both have dyscalculia although I didn’t know why I had so much trouble with math until she started having trouble as well.  I would like to find a program where I can learn and work as a tutor for her.  I have my degree in elementary education but we never covered anything like this.  She has basic number sense and skills.   The biggest area is with word problems.  She, nor I, can parse the words to make sense of the problems.  If you give me straight numbers I’m great.  Thanks for your guidance! 

In general, you will want to talk through word problems, draw pictures to illustrate the word problem and solve it, and focus on the words that give the problem meaning and direction. For accuracy, you want to color code operations (add in green, subtract in red, multiply in blue, divide in black) [think Bic pen]. Use large square graph paper to line up numbers and triple check that you write and say the numbers that are actualy there. Use a calculator to double check your math facts. Highlight the boxes that will contain the numbers carried and borrowed and the answer. You need this visual feedback to keep it all straight. Talk it out, always. You will notice verbal mixups. Accept them and correct yourself and each other. Be aware that this is a natural brain glitch with dyscalculia. Learn to control for it. 
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