Thursday, April 28, 2016

School testing says, "No math problem!" Not true!!!

VISITOR:  I have several questions about appropriate assessment tools used to identify individuals with dyscalculia. My daughter is a 3rd grader, who has been struggling in math throughout the entire school year. When observing her I notice that she struggles with making numbers make sense, for lack of a better term. She doesn't seem to be able to compute multi-step problems and make connections of step by step orders of operations. For example, she knows 3x4 but if you implement the number fact into a word problem, she unable to make the connection that it's 3x4, instead she may add the two numbers. She is a star student in all other subject areas, but it's math comprehension that she is currently struggling with. I requested for her school to test her for dyscalculia/math disability. The assessment specialist used the Woodcock Johnson, and has stated my daughter doesn't have any type of learning/math disability. I know my child and I know that something is wrong. Do you have any advise? I feel as if I'm getting blown off by the assessment specialist. I just want the right help for my child.

DYSCALCULIA.ORGAt this point, you must DISAGREE with their findings and request an independent evaluation at district expense. I can do that assessment for you or you can contact an educational neuroscience department at a local university.  
Schools are horrendous for identifying LDs and claim they can't use terms like dyslexia and dyscalculia in spite of recent chastising and guidance from the US Department of Education.  

She should be getting 30 minutes a day of remedial math instruction through the  RtI / MTSS program. 

If you'd like me to do an independent review of her case and recent testing, let me know.

Where are you located?

What does US Federal Education Law say about Specific Learning Disability? 

Fixing Dyscalculia:    Manage It  | Conquer It  |  Remediation | Accessing Math  |  Appreciating Math  | Best Math Tools

More about dyscalculia and diagnosis:

Yes, they are avoiding the issue! Fight back!


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