Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alternatives for College Algebra

VISITORI am currently seeking an associates degree at the local community college here in Dayton, Ohio. A few years ago after failing a few math classes, I was tested and diagnosed with dyscalculia. Since then I have been allowed many concessions such as taking the test in the testing center, extra time, tutors and the like. This however has not worked well and caused me to repeat one math class as many as 4 times in order to move on. 
I managed to pass with a C in Intermediate algebra last semester after three other attempts. Due to this constant repeating of math, my  GPA has suffered, and my college career has been drawn out so far that I  have exhausted all financial aid. 
During the terms when I was not taking math classes,  I earned excellent marks including being on the dean's list many times with most being a 4.0. 
I have had no help in the disability office, various deans, academic advisors, and other school officials. Not one person I talked to seems to understand dyscalculia or what it means. 
I am studying criminal justice IT (cyber forensics). I  earned a Cisco network engineering certificate along with other accolades along the way. It pains me to see the frustration, and the emotional toll it takes. 
I am just not sure what to do next.  I am hopeful that your organization might be able to point me in the right direction. I have invested so much time and effort into this endeavor and I do not want it to be all for naught. I only have two math classes left and like I said, Intermediate Algebra took 3 semesters to pass. Statistics and finite math remain and I will graduate with an associates degree.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. 
DYSCALCULIA.ORG(1) First, immediately withdraw from any enrolled math classes at Dayton.

(2) Second, resolve not to take any more math classes at Dayton.

(3) Plot your exact path to Associates Degree completion.
  (i.e. Finite Math and Statistics and the prerequisite skills for each)

(4) Plot alternative pathways to satisfy these requirements using 
    Coursera, Straighterline, ALEKS, and so on. 

(5) Contact Ohio Rehabilitation Services and get help with passing the degree requirements with dyscalculia. They should pay for you to complete your schooling, along with any supports that you need to do so.

(6) Meet with Disability Services at Dayton and craft a transfer plan and degree requirement satisfaction plan before starting courses in the alternative pathways above.

(7) IF Dayton does not agree to the above plans, FILE A CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATION COMPLAINT. 

(8) Amy has severe dyscalculia and needs a math course waiver and substitution, but at the associates level, this is difficult to obtain because CCs have articulation transfer agreements with universities and the state, which they cannot change. It is easier to get these in a university, although it is still difficult.

She will at least need MAJOR academic adjustments and accommodations in order to fulfill the math requirements. 

Read up on her rights under our Dyscalculia and College page: 

I can try to advocate for her with the staff at Dayton. 


  1. My fiance has a similar issue. Can't for the life of him do math! He has come some way though, he can solve for x most of the time and is finally memorizing some of the basic multiplication and division without reaching for a calculator.
    Due to the same transfer agreements for 4 year college, they can't offer math alternatives. Doesn't have dyscalculia documented yet, but they let him split midterm and final into multiple parts which allowed him a D last semester.
    We live in NJ, what next steps can we take? if you can reach out! thanks!

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