Friday, February 12, 2016

Failing College Algebra, 3.9 GPA Threatened

VISITOR: I have all of the dyscalculia symptoms and am failing college algebra but have a 3.9 GPA overall. If I can't pass this class, I can't finish college. Please help! 

Are you able to drop this math class before it ruins your GPA, or at least get an Incomplete?
Is this a remedial math class or a college-level class?
What is your major?

Immediately go the Disability Services Office and tell them you have a math learning disability (dyscalculia) and your MATH performance will devastate your excellent GPA. They will require official documentation of LD, but ask if they have an Educational Psychology Department on campus where you can go for a diagnosis. 

If they do not, check with your health insurance and see if outpatient psychological services are covered. Then make an appointment for a neuropsychological assessment for math learning disorder. 

We can test you also, if all else fails, see here:

You will need to pursue an alternative path to satisfy your math degree requirements. See here: 

Read about college and dyscalculia:


  1. Hi, I am new here and not having success at figuring out how to post a new thread comment. Hopefully you see this if it appears under another topic. I am in my 40's and suspect I have Dyscalculia. These issues have been since my earliest memories in the 4th grade when I was moved to special classes. I am fully functional with a wonderful career but I am fully aware of my issues and would like to finally seek some guidance locally. I am on a relatively tight budget and not knowing how much private tutors are, am curious if you or anyone knows of any help at all in-person, located in the San fernando Valley, California or Los Angeles county. I have done some of the online games which temporarily help but I can't imagine just that helping my understanding and allowing for new understandings of Math. If anyone is aware of state help regarding learning disabilities such as this, I would really appreciate any advice. Many thanks to you, Katrina

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