Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Autism and Dyscalculia

I have a 13 year old wwith autism who was placed into a math class that is inappropriate - 2-3 years ahead of his ability.  His math teacher for the last two years when asked what level he is on would reply with, "it's hard to say."  This year, due to the fact he is in this inappropriate class, I have been taking him to the store trying to get him to add and round simple numbers such as 8+2.  I am going into an ARD I requested and want to have more information on dyscalculia so I can request that he be evaluated. 
Our autism info:  
 All you have to do is email his school principal requesting that he be tested for dyscalculia and include the checklist symptoms. (They will protest, saying he already has a classification, but tell them that we need to know if he has it to know how to treat it.) 
Here is the law in Texas:
Apps that you can employ today to help him: 
See our Best Tools pages, too, especially Money.
He should have an assistive technology plan, also see,

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