Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dyscalculia: Where do I start?

VISITOR: My child has dyscalculia. Where do I start?  

ASSESS. Get an informal assessment of your dyscalculia symptoms. 
Analyze math processing, math errors, and math learning history. 
Review teaching tools and strategies that will help manage the problem. 

LEARN.  Special teaching can show you how to think mathematically, using parts of your brain that work exceptionally well (like spoken and written language). We must bypass the defective math processing area.

LIBRARY.  Another great angle, is to visit your local library and look in the math section. You'll find hundreds of books that explain all of the essential math concepts visually. Read these, as if reading to a younger child. Understand the ideas well enough to teach them to a young child, (you can even pretend to teach the dog). Illustrate and demonstrate the concepts as you teach them. 



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