Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dyscalculia and Calculus

VISITORI have recently been diagnosed with dyscalculia by the ADA office at my university.  Unfortunately I have found your website on this subject too late.  I decided to try to re-take an algebra class that has already caused havoc with my GPA. I had attempted to take calculus over the summer once and carried a B up until the final. Unfortunately that final also landed me a failing mark.   

Because calculus is the real math requirement I need,  I thought I would ask if you knew anywhere that offered Online calculus in an acceptable format?  My current university moves at an incredible pace in math and they’ve only allowed me an extra 15 minutes on exams.     

Any response is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. 

DYSCALCULIA.ORG:  Where do you attend school? Don't waste any more time and money taking remedial or non-degree courses at your school. Use the free and low cost online alternatives listed here to take the necessary foundational courses and even the Calculus needed for your degree.  
Maybe ask Alex how he did it:

Here are some Calculus tools and course offerings: 
Online Calc course 3-9 months: ( You still need to get accommodations for proctored exams. You can talk to the instructor about your disability and get any help that you need.)

Coursera:  Calculus courses:  

Straighter Line:  Calculus courses:  


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