Wednesday, February 24, 2016

9-year-old finger counter

VISITOR:Thank you for the links & information. Son is home schooled now for 2 years. He has not been tested nor diagnosed. I have just really been finding out about this & honestly think this is what's going on. We've are on our 4th math curriculum. 
He can count & recognize many things. He writes some numbers backwards, transverses numbers like 61 for 16. He can be given addition problems like 2+5 & then 5+2 but not recognize they're related. He is a very big finger counter. He's been using Reflex Math & when given a problem like 3+4 he will say out loud "123....4567!" That's how he's figuring out the answers. He can't seem to remember basic math facts. He forgets easily. He is an excellent reader. His handwriting isn't very neat but is improving. 

Do a lot of dice work. Use the apps from the FIX page below. Reward him for recognizing the dice patterns. Teach him to associate number with the patterns in the image attached. Teach him to quickly combine patterns of five for addition and subtraction without using fingers. Use dot patterns. Once he is good at this, use coins to move into counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s (nickels & $5 bills), 10s (dimes & $10 bills), 11s (10+1), 12s (10+2),....15s (dime+nickel, & $10 bill +$5 bill), ...20s (2 dimes, & $20 bills).. 50s (50-cent pieces or 2 quarters, & $50 bills)...$100s ($100 bills)...1000s ($1000 bills)...millions! ....keep on counting! You're doing multiplication! 

Is he getting help in the Tier 2 Response to Intervention or MTSS program at school? 
First message: He should be getting 30 minutes of targeted math help per day, using methods like those listed here:
Can he count? Can he recognize dice or domino patterns? Any other learning problems?


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